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Our Mission

Project HEAL is the leading non-profit in the US delivering prevention, treatment financing, and recovery support for people suffering from eating disorders.

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Project HEAL will be unveiling a new logo and website very soon!
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Treatment Center Partners

We look forward to forming relationships with socially responsible companies and foundations. Companies can create endowed grants, annual gifts, special products for Project Heal, event-based partnerships, and so much more.

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Recovery is possible. When people who suffer from an eating disorder are able to receive comprehensive treatment, they CAN regain a healthy relationship with food and live full and happy lives. Project HEAL knows this is true through the first- hand experience of its founders, supporters and volunteers, as well as through the testimonials and success stories of the organization’s grant recipients.

Founders of Project HEAL, ​Liana & ​Kristina

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Sororities & Bulimia: What Can I Do to Help My Sister?

Thursday February 22, 2018
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By: Libby Lyons Dieting behaviors among college students are becoming more common. 83% of university females have consciously tried to […]

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What It’s Like To Tell People I’m In Recovery

Wednesday February 21, 2018
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By: Sarah Stewart “Should I say it’s me?” I stood in the stairwell, trying to shrink into the corner, hoping […]

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