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Amy Elizabeth Cunningham, MPH, MBA

amyAmy Elizabeth Cunningham, MPH, MBA is a public health professional who has lived in Africa for the last 16 years leading many health, HIV and development programs.  She is also an eating disorder survivor and the mother of two children who are also survivors.  One of her children was lucky to receive evidence based, family based treatment when she developed anorexia at age 11 in 2014, and through the interaction with other parents and survivors online Amy jumped into the world of activism.  She CoFounded International Eating Disorders Action in 2014 to address misinformation globally and then led the first ever World Eating Disorders Day June 2, 2016.  Over 250 groups from 40 countries are now a part of this groundbreaking initiative. Amy sits on the Academy for Eating Disorders Advisory Board and the Patient Carer Committee.  She is committed to fighting for all nations to establish rational policies and public health systems for early intervention and cost-effective, evidence-based treatment.  

Tara Deliberto, Ph.D.

taraTara Deliberto Ph.D. is an assistant professor at the medical school of Cornell University, Weill Cornell Medicine, directs the eating disorders partial hospitalization program at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, and works with private clients in both Westchester & on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.   Prior to her current positions, Dr. Deliberto trained at other highly regarded eating disorder programs in NYC including Mount Sinai’s Eating and Weight Disorders Program and NorthWell Health’s Eating Disorders Treatment Center. Dr. Deliberto has presented her research internationally on life threatening mental health conditions, including eating disorders, self-injurious behavior, & suicide.  Currently, her work has been cited in over 600 scientific publications and also has been featured in the Harvard Gazette, Science Daily, & TIME.  Further, Dr. Deliberto has co-authored a comprehensive behavioral treatment for people with eating disorders called BITE and has presented internationally on BITE interventions.  Dr. Deliberto also serves as co-chairperson of the Academy for Eating Disorder’s Technology & Innovations special interest group and is a member of their award-winning Social Media Committee, is the chairperson for NYC CBT Association’s technology committee, and is proud to be a Champion for Project HEAL. For more information on Dr. Deliberto’s work, you can visit the BITE website at

Sammi Farber

Sammi Farber resides in New York City and is a National Champion for Project HEAL.
Sammi is currently in recovery and has decided to dedicate her recovery to helping and inspiring others. She has also created an organization called The Unicorn Affect. In doing this she hopes to help people in residential treatment get the treatment they need without the worry of insurance cutting them too soon. She believes that hitting maintain in treatment is crucial to relapse prevention and wants to make sure that everyone who is brave enough to go to treatment has a fighting chance at full recovery because it is possible. Sammi has also decided to go back to school for her masters in social work. She feels it is her life’s purpose to help people.
As a Project HEAL Champion, Sammi is dedicated to showing the community that recovery is anything but linear. It is hard work, quite possibly the hardest work you will do in a lifetime, but it’s worth it. Recovery is possible. She firmly believes that we may not have chosen our eating disorders but we do chose whether or not to recover and by advocating each day she is showing her personal journey and how she chooses recovery day in and day out. Most importantly, she wants to show everyone that they are not alone.
She is passionate about helping others, cooking and traveling (mainly to disney world). She can often be found on her Instagram exploring NYC in search of the latest food craze, laying low with friends and family, or in the candy aisle at just about any drugstore 😉
Sammi’s favorite ice cream flavor is a toss up between Nocciola Gelato from Grom (really Italy but let’s face it Grom is quicker and just as good) or Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia.