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Florence Taglight

FlorenceI am Florence Taglight, I am 21 and have lived in London, England all my life. I am studying a joint degree in fashion communications and business, however I have a strong passion for writing and public speaking and all things animal related. I write a blog, which always includes my passion for dogs, ellen degeneres and coffee in some way.

After being diagnosed with Anorexia and attending treatment in the U.K (which was far from helpful) before a 6 month treatment in America away from family, friends and dogs, on returning I knew something in the U.K system needed to change hence why I reached out to Project Heal and decided to try and become the change I wanted to happen. I run the instagram for Project Heal UK and I am a contributing writer for the unpolishedjourney as well as writing on my findingflo blog as often as I can.

I adore travelling and hope that my job in the future will include an array of things; from dogs, to social media communication, to public speaking and generally meeting a diverse range of people and being involved in a lively fun community (where dogs are allowed at work).

Rebekah Wheeler

RebekahRebekah Wheeler is a wife and mother to two young boys. She lives in Oklahoma and works full-time in the oil and gas industry, while serving her community as a volunteer with several organizations. Rebekah speaks to schools, youth groups and civic groups about ProjectHEAL and her message of ‘You Are Enough: Positive Self-Image.’

She has won a 10-year battle with eating disorders and now educates and advocates for positive self-image and eating disorder awareness. Finding love for herself through Jesus and her supportive family has been her biggest aid in recovery.

Outside of date nights with her husband, time with her boys, and balancing a busy schedule, she loves podcasts, group fitness classes, blogging, and recreating recipes with a healthier twist. She loves sparkly things and athliesurewear!