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While National volunteer opportunities are limited, our Chapters are always looking for new, passionate, and committed individuals to join their team of volunteers either locally (when applicable) or remotely. Some examples of these positions include:

  1. Social Media Manager- manages one or all Chapter social media accounts.
  2. Event Planner- helps the Chapter plan fundraisers, as well as educational/awareness events.
  3. Fundraising and/or Marketing Specialist- provides guidance to the Chapter on effective fundraising and/or marketing strategies.
  4. Graphic Design Specialist- responsible for creating all Chapter graphics for educational, awareness, marketing, and fundraising purposes.
  5. Finance Manager- responsible for tracking and managing all Chapter funds and financially relevant documents/endeavors.
  6. Community Outreach Liaison- responsible for reaching out to local businesses, schools, and organizations regarding possible sponsorship of Chapter related events, as well as invitations to attend such events; establishing good relationships with community members; and potentially collaborating on projects with local organizations or businesses.

If you are interested in any of the aforementioned positions OR have any other ideas for volunteer roles with one of our Chapters not listed, please complete this application. Any National volunteer opportunities will be posted on all Project HEAL social media accounts, when available.