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From the second we are born, we are defined by the number on the scale. 6 pounds 13 ounces, 22 inches long.

Humans have now begun to base their identity and self-worth on numbers;
the number on the scale
the required calorie intake per day
calories burned
number of miles ran
grams of fat, protein, sugar
shoe size, shirt size, pant size
the number in our bank account
our yearly income
hourly wage
grade point average
SAT scores
the number of colleges we are accepted into
the score we received on a final exam
the number of friends we have on Facebook
the number of “likes” we get on an instagram photo
the number of followers we have on twitter
population size
the pricetag
Wins and losses
rankings, statistics, percentages
etc, etc, etc

We have come to base our worth on a number. A single digit.
Do you know what the dictionary definition of a number is?
-A quantity or amount.
4 words.
A number does not have a heartbeat. A number does not have a personality. It doesn’t have a family or friends. A number doesn’t have life.

Humans are beings with a purpose who have been weighed down by these numbers. We compare ourselves using numbers. We try to change ourselves to fit the standards of these numbers.

But it’s just a number.
I am not defined by a number. You are not defined by a number. We are not defined by numbers.

We, as humans, should be defined by
wearing our heart on our sleeve
our family, our friends
the people we make smile
the way we make a difference in the world
our beliefs our morals
our culture
our roles
the impact we leave
the lives we touch
our personality
our strength
our purpose

Because we all have a purpose. And a purpose isn’t based on a number.

So put away the scale, don’t stress over the grade on the last test, post an instagram picture not for the likes, but for the moment that made you smile.

You are more than a single digit. You have a heart beat. You have a life. You have a purpose.

So go make a difference. Live a happy and healthy life. Be free. And live in the moment.

Don’t count the days, make the days count.


Author Jen Caruso, part of Project Heal Boston

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