No Boundaries: A TEDx Talk on Mental Illness

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Mental illness is one of the most challenging healthcare issues of our time, costing more than cancer, diabetes, and respiratory diseases combined.

But our mental health system is broken. Fortunately, science, social media, and politics are forcing change. This in turn will require each of us to learn new ways of thinking about what is “normal”.

Mental Health Ambassador and Chair, Global Campaign on Mental Health for Johnson & Johnson Craig Kramer shares some interesting information on mental illness and the changes that are coming from social media, politics, and science in the TEDx Talk below.


Craig’s experience with mental illness led him to become an accidental expert in just how broken our mental health system is. His is helping Johnson & Johnson lead the way in transforming mental health care worldwide.







One thought on “No Boundaries: A TEDx Talk on Mental Illness

  1. WOW!!! What an awesome talk, highlighting a real problem in our society, that affects so many individuals and their loved ones. I commend Craig and Johnson and Johnson for beginning this conversation, but more importantly for taking such a bold step forward towards developing solutions that will enhance all of our lives! Bravo!! Well done!!

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