HEALer of the Month: Casey Chon

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What made you decide to become involved with Project HEAL?

I found out about Project HEAL through LinkedIn. After doing some research on Project HEAL I realized that the work we are doing is so relevant and important – but more than that, the work we are doing is really saving lives. On a larger scale, I’m Korean-American. I thought, “If I could become part of the Project HEAL community, maybe I can help foster the discussion amongst people of color about mental health.”

What is your role?

I manage @TheProjectHEAL on Twitter, and I am a member of the Junior Advisory Board. I also help out with the Amherst, MA chapter!

How has working with Project HEAL impacted you personally?

14907173_10210524621739186_3942241823856920797_n copyI am a college student volunteer for Project HEAL. I study Arabic and international relations at Hampshire College, in Amherst, MA .

My goal in life is to make the world a more peaceful place. My work with Project HEAL is directly contributing to that goal, because by sending people to treatment – we are helping them make peace with themselves. I am no longer afraid to start conversations about mental health, eating disorders, and everything in between (especially foreign politics), both online and in the real world.

What ice cream flavor best describes your personality? Why?

I don’t really like ice cream but I am obsessed with tea so I guess green tea is my favorite ice cream flavor!