Additional Helpful Resources

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In addition to the help we provide at Project HEAL, there are additional resources available to help you on the path towards recovery from your eating disorders, and get proper education for you and your family.. Please consult the following list of external institutions and organizations that promote recovery from an eating disorder:

NEDA Network Members


Community Outreach for Prevention of Eating Disorders – Flager Beach, FL

Our focus is to provide up-to-date learning resources via outreach, media attention, and community events;  we strive to educate our local community in order to facilitate greater understanding and more effective approaches to treating eating disorders and improving body image.  Scholarships for treatment are available for our local community members (Volusia and Flagler counties).

Renewed – Nashville, TN

Our mission is to provide a path to renewed health for those seeking recovery from all forms of eating disorders through professional resource referrals, educational training and a supportive community. Serves as a resource for one-on-one treatment referrals.

Eating Disorders Foundation – Denver, CO

The Eating Disorder Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted to helping people with eating disorders, their families and friends to rebuild shattered lives. We also work to increase awareness about a disorder than can ruin and even end lives. Our two-pronged approach centers on a wide-range of free support services and on extensive educational efforts, also provided at no charge to schools and community groups.

Eating Disorders Information Network – Atlanta, GA

The organization strives to serve as a comprehensive resource and educational guide for those wanting to learn more about eating disorders, those seeking help and those gathering and distributing information about available treatment options both in the Atlanta area and nationwide.

Eating Disorders Network of Central Florida

The Eating Disorder Network of Central Florida is a volunteer-based organization committed to raising awareness about eating disorders and providing quality treatment to individuals and families suffering from eating disorder and body image issues. Through collaborative work with organizations across the country and coordination of community outreach and fundraising activities, EDNCF is committed to increasing awareness, advocating for comprehensive, evidenced based treatment and promoting body acceptance for all. EDNCF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Eating Disorders Network (EDN) of Maryland

EDN Maryland is your first point-of-contact to receive objective information about resources available to you and your family throughout the state of Maryland and nationally. Whether you’re looking for educational , treatment providers who specialize in working with this population, or community events focused on, EDN Maryland can help.

Eating Disorder Resource Center – Los Gatos, CA

The mission of Eating Disorders Resource Center (EDRC) is to increase awareness and understanding of eating disorders for the general public and for health professionals; to promote early diagnosis, effective treatment, and recovery; and to advocate for mental health parity legislation and effective insurance coverage. EDRC offers a comprehensive, online resource directory. EDRC facilitates monthly support groups for sufferers and their families and friends. We are here to respond to calls and emails from patients, family members, clinics and health care professionals requesting support and information, treatment options, and help with navigating the health care and insurance systems.

Helping Other People Eat (H.O.P.E.) – Winter Park, FL

Helping Other People Eat (H.O.P.E. Inc.) is a 501c3 non-profit organization focused on the prevention and awareness of eating disorders. Since 2001, we have strived to educate all age groups on the warning signs, symptoms and side effects that accompany eating disorders and body image issues. We offer information, tutorials, references and public speakers to aid in the elimination of eating disorders. In addition, members of H.O.P.E. advocate to provide funding for treatment for those who cannot afford it.

The Manna Fund – Lawrenceville, GA

Manna Fund, Incorporated (Manna Fund, INC) was developed in order to provide direct payment of inpatient treatment costs due to inadequate insurance coverage for people with eating disorders. This effort is due to help fray the high cost of specialized care and to avoid the often difficult decisions to be made for families of ED patients (ongoing treatment for seriously ill patient versus exorbitant cost of care). Our desire is that all recipients, and eventually, all individuals who have been personally affected by an eating disorder, will receive the appropriate care to help them eliminate their eating disorder altogether.

Mary Cameron Robinson (MCR) Foundation – Chattanooga, TN

The MCR foundation was inspired after losing Mary Cameron Robinson on September 2, 2005 to complications stemming from a 14-year battle with eating disorders.There are very few resources in the Chattanooga area that someone with an eating disorder can reach out to for help. The main purpose of this foundation at this present time is to raise funds and begin educating the Greater Chattanooga Tri-State Area about eating disorders. The MCR Foundation is incorporated as a Tennessee non-profit and is a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization.

Missouri Eating Disorders Association (formerly The Dahlia Partnership)

The Missouri Eating Disorders Association (MOEDA) is a local non-profit organization that provides resources for those in eating disorder recovery while promoting awareness. This community supports local NEDA Walks and other advocacy efforts and is a great resource for the eating disorder community.

Michigan Eating Disorders Alliance (MiEDA)

The goal of the Michigan Eating Disorders Alliance (MiEDA) is to reduce the impact of eating disorders within our community through education and prevention initiatives directed towards young people, parents, educators and healthcare professionals. MiEDA is an official non-profit organization receiving its 501(c) (3) status in April 2011.

Multi-service Eating Disorders Association (MEDA) – Newton, MA

We are the foremost eating disorders non-profit organization in New England. We provide education about eating disorders and their underlying causes to develop a compassionate community that promotes hopefulness and supports healing. We offer a variety of services to support individuals and families through the various stages of their journey. MEDA is the first step toward awareness and healing. Through our Preferred Treatment Provider Network, we offer providers and treatment facilities opportunities for professional development and marketing by bringing the community together and connecting clients with the best care for their needs.

National Association of Males With Eating Disorders (N.A.M.E.D.) – Naples, FL

N.A.M.E.D. is the only organization in the United States exclusively dedicated to representing and providing support to males with eating disorders. Historically, boys and men with eating disorders have received inadequate attention, research, support, and intervention. N.A.M.E.D. plays a vital role in filling this gap by offering information and resources about and support to this underrepresented population and their families and by serving as a clearinghouse for treatment providers and researchers.

Oklahoma Eating Disorders Association

Oklahoma Eating Disorders Association (OEDA), a not-for-profit organization, is dedicated to the prevention of disordered eating, eating disorders, and negative body image by raising awareness, providing education, and serving as the leading resource of support and identification of treatment resources throughout Oklahoma and neighboring states.

Ophelia’s Place – Liverpool, NY

We offer support groups and treatment for individuals experiencing eating disorders and disordered eating, as well as for their friends and family. The Upstate New York Eating Disorder Service and Ophelia’s Place are committed to helping you find the right level of care and identifying affordable treatment options. Outpatient Services and Intensive Outpatient Services are offered. We provide a full range of multi-disciplinary services, including group psychotherapy, art therapy, yoga, dialectical behavior therapy skill – focused groups, as well as supervised eating.

Sharing Education About Eating Disorders in Siouxland (SEEDS) – Sioux City, IA

Made up of concerned citizens, families, friends, and persons in recovery,  Education about Eating Disorders in Siouxland (SEEDS), is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing education, awareness and prevention of eating disorders to the Siouxland area.

Tri-State Eating Disorder Resource Team – Lawrenceburg, IN

Tri-State Eating Disorder Resource Team is a group of Tri-State Area volunteers dedicated to  promote healthy body image and positive self-esteem in our community, and beyond.  Our hope is to eliminate common misconceptions about eating disorders and serve as a source of support and guidance for eating disorder treatment options. Eating disorders are serious problems in our culture today. Tri-State Eating Disorder Resource Team is a 501(c)(3).

T.H.E. Center for Disordered Eating of Western North Carolina

T.H.E. Center for Disordered Eating mobilizes support and resources for those affected by disordered eating and related body issues. We save lives, give hope, raise awareness, and provide education to diminish the pervasiveness of Anorexia, Bulimia and Binge Eating Disorder.