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Mike Thomas, Psy.D.

Mike Thomas Psy.D.Mike Thomas, Psy.D. is the founder and CEO of Recovery Spark, a group known for their creative eating disorder recovery films. His vision for using creativity to influence the recovery process is not only refreshing, but highly impactful, and the films have quickly spread throughout the recovery community. Mike has a contagious passion to motivate and inspire people toward living from their core, healthy self, and all of his work centers around the idea that full recovery is possible.

Along with his work at Recovery Spark, Mike cultivates his entrepreneurial spirit as a university professor and the Director of the Chalk & Table Learning Collaborative at Eastern University where he integrates creativity with teaching and learning.

Mike lives in the Philadelphia suburbs with his wife and two children. They’re expecting their third child this fall! He loves soccer, ultimate frisbee, gardening, mexican food, playing anything and everything with his kids, and all things creative. If you can mix any of those together, you’re his best friend.