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After struggling with my own eating disorder for the past five years and entering recovery two years ago, I decided I didn’t want to be a bystander. Once I entered a solid place in my recovery, becoming healthier not only physically, but mentally, my heart became heavy for those who were still struggling and in the dark place I was in only a few short years ago. How can I make a difference? After looking back on my own struggles and experience in treatment, as well as within my education, I realized that there was a lack of communication between those who have suffered from an eating disorder and those who have not. I wanted to open this door and get the conversation started. I desperately wished for awareness to be spread and stigmas to be broken. Along with beginning to talk about my own struggles, to open up society to understanding eating disorders wasn’t my only goal. Footprints have been left on my heart from friends I’ve watched struggle. Friends I wish I could help. This isn’t something that you can find a cure for, but this is something you can FIGHT. I want to give the people struggling a helping hand in starting there fight through receiving treatment. I created Project HEAL Westchester in hopes to achieve these goals and to become a source of strength, awareness, and hope to those affected by any and all eating disorders.


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Elena Herrero