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Many have asked me why I chose to get involved with Project HEAL– and while I once may have been hesitant to answer, I now proudly reply; “I suffered with an eating disorder for 10 years.”

Having silently struggled with this disease for much of my life, I wholly understand the impact that it has on the victim and those around them. It steals your happiness and heart, your voice and mind, and hinders you from becoming your real self.

Now in active recovery, many have said they notice a change in me—something that they just can’t put their finger on.

That difference, that happiness and vibrancy, that change—THAT is why I founded the Washington, D.C, Project HEAL Chapter. I am a believer and living proof that recovery is possible, and that victim’s can truly make peace with the time that their disorder stole from them. Project HEAL proves that it really is never too late to be who you might have been.

I wish clear skies and freedom for all suffering from an eating disorder—a wish that Project HEAL helps make possible.

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Rebecca Goldberg