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What I thought I could control ended up controlling me when I almost died from Anorexia at the age of 14. Since then I’ve become a friend and support to those struggling with the same disease that almost took my life. Staying on the path of recovery is tough, really tough but it’s allowed me to flourish in becoming a wife and a mother of three beautiful, healthy children. Enduring the loss of my brother, my father, mother and father-in-law, opened up my eyes and heart in a conquest to find the mark I want to leave behind on this world when it’s my time to go. Working with Project HEAL is one way I am fulfilling my desire to help others like me into freedom of their eating disorder and staying on their path of recovery. I spend my days in full indulgence of my family. I am 36 years old and have been a full-time mother to my two boys and one girl. Currently I am working on my business plan for an online magazine, Faux Pas Magazine, in which there is no photoshopping in the ads and where women of all ages come to feed on positive and meaningful articles that will enrich their souls and their lives.

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Cynthia Berry