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It’s an honor to be your reigning Mrs. Colorado International 2015. My platform and goal is to use the crown to shine the spotlight on the complexities of eating disorders.

Just as Mark Twain stated, “Challenges make life interesting. Overcoming them makes life meaningful.” It became my passion and purpose to make life meaningful, and use my story of survival to inspire others that there is hope for a full recovery from an eating disorder and thrive!

I truly enjoy speaking at our local elementary, middle and high schools and share my personal struggle with anorexia. I am living proof that full recovery is possible!

As a society, we need to change how we define beauty. We need to combat the unrealistic and manufactured images the media bombards us with; which plants the unhealthy seeds that creates self-loathing, poor body image/ all that potentially lead to destructive eating disorders.


Founded By

Kimberly Dufresne