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This summer, I spent seven weeks at Cambridge Eating Disorder Center after struggling with an eating disorder for my first two years of college. I spiraled into a deep depression because I wanted to recover but I couldn’t do it alone because the only way I knew how to live was by using negative, harmful behaviors. I was trapped in a cycle. I finally accepted help and recovered quickly but didn’t know if I would successfully stay healthy during the fall semester back at Brown, just four days after I discharged from treatment. I wished there was a community on campus I could be a part of in which I was understood completely like I had been in treatment. I started Project HEAL at Brown to create a space for myself and others to realize and have peace in that we are not alone, and to stay hopeful that recovery is possible. Being a chapter founder is a constant reminder recovery and wellness are important, and when I mentor others, I help myself by explaining and reiterating those things I couldn’t believe while I was struggling. This chapter holds me accountable for my mental and physical health because it reminds me to check in with myself. I must help myself before I can help another and knowing I have the power to overcome adversity and to guide others to overcome their burden is my rock.


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Allie Coppa