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Amy Elizabeth Cunningham, MPH, MBA is a public health professional who has lived in Africa for the last 16 years leading many health, HIV and development programs.  She is also an eating disorder survivor and the mother of two children who are also survivors.  One of her children was lucky to receive evidence based, family based treatment when she developed anorexia at age 11 in 2014, and through the interaction with other parents and survivors online Amy jumped into the world of activism.  She CoFounded International Eating Disorders Action in 2014 to address misinformation globally and then led the first ever World Eating Disorders Day June 2, 2016.  Over 250 groups from 40 countries are now a part of this groundbreaking initiative. Amy sits on the Academy for Eating Disorders Advisory Board and the Patient Carer Committee.  She is committed to fighting for all nations to establish rational policies and public health systems for early intervention and cost-effective, evidence-based treatment.